I know Mothers day is round the corner and its that time of the year when we dig through old albums and photographs to find the most heartwarming picture of us with our moms. We may not have the best poses or the best clarity pictures, unlike the ones we pose for in our DPs … More MOM is WOW!

Boarding Das !

Bellevue: Parlor Live – the Comedy Club in downtown Bellevue, Washington was roaring with laughter thanks to the performance of the talented and witty India standup comedian Mr. Vir Das from March 23-25, 2017. Performing in more than 3 continents from March to May of 2017, under the banner of Boarding Das he had his … More Boarding Das !

100 Days of Euphoria :)

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December 1, 2015 9:30 pm Its a longest night for every bride, the night before her wedding night. Emotions run amuck and thoughts  grow legs of their own and wander away. I sat up, listening to the endless rain hoping to drown myself in their pitter-patter rather than my own storming…

Rajasthani Rendition

Rajasthani Cuisine Comes to Rainy Seattle It was a typical Sunday in Issaquah, Washington with continuous pitter patter and intermittent cold draft. But the Indian community was abuzz and oblivious to the overcast as they rushed in groups for the grand opening ceremony of Rajdhani®- Ek Khandani Paramapara, Issaquah. Rajdhani® is the authentic Vegetarian Thali … More Rajasthani Rendition

Woman’s Day

Wishing the best to all the women who balance work, home, life, family and many more demands with such panache. On this special day I would like you all  to try these amazing cupcakes that I tried with friends cause “Happiness is Homemade”. Did you know? Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts… After a long and … More Woman’s Day

Perfect Blemish

I have several thoughts burgeoning in my head but I choose not to pen them down. Penning them down results in creating memories and knocking down the alibi to deny their occurrence. We all try to push away our ‘past’  but  somehow it lurks into our ‘present’, stealthily. On the contrary, letting our emotions simmer and allowing … More Perfect Blemish

Protein Pendulum

“Don’t blame the holidays, you were fat in August”. I am sure we would all admit the phase of life where we work head-over-heels to achieve our life long “New Year” goal of having the physique we all dreamt of. *Sigh* Men hope of flaunting their pectoral muscles with “under-construction six packs” and women ostentatiously … More Protein Pendulum