Rajasthani Rendition

Rajasthani Cuisine Comes to Rainy Seattle

It was a typical Sunday in Issaquah, Washington with continuous pitter patter and intermittent cold draft. But the Indian community was abuzz and oblivious to the overcast as they rushed in groups for the grand opening ceremony of Rajdhani®- Ek Khandani Paramapara, Issaquah.

Rajdhani® is the authentic Vegetarian Thali restaurant well‑known in India with several locations in US and Middle East. Known for its royal menu, serving an eclectic palette of delicacies from the heartwarming states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

1Colorful Décor Photo Courtesy: Ranjani Ravi

As we lined up to enter the restaurant sharp at noon we were welcomed by the hosts decked in traditional bandini pagdi (headgear), kurta and unique juttis (footwear). We were served hot adrak tea which came as a benediction to accompany the cold and rainy day.

The ambience spoke volumes about the vibrant Rajasthani tradition with the wall decors, bandhini art and the gamut of colors reminding me of the exquisite Choki dhani theme in Jaipur, India.


The food had the traditional farzan, 4 types of sabzis, dal/ kadi, rotis made from bajra, and chass (buttermilk). We were hoping to lay our hands on the delicious Dal Bhati Churma but it was not part of the rotating menu for the day.

Except for a few glitches on the opening day the Thali experience is a terrific addition to the Indian food scenes in the Seattle area. Bon Appetite!


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