100 Days of Euphoria :)


December 1, 2015 9:30 pm

Its a longest night for every bride, the night before her wedding night. Emotions run amuck and thoughts  grow legs of their own and wander away. I sat up, listening to the endless rain hoping to drown myself in their pitter-patter rather than my own storming thoughts. Sound of rain needs no translation. You strike a chord with every drop!

IMG_1699 (1) Right outside the wedding hall… in T. Nagar

Yes, I tied the knot in the pouring rain, in the heart of Madras, the city that wakes up to the rays of the scorching sun, where sweating and sweltering is a way of life, monsoon always plays peek- a- boo and is in everyone’s prayers.

IMG_1669 Grabbing onto whatever we thought was … IMPORTANT!

Today, indeed the prayers were answered, all at once. Heavens poured like there was no tomorrow!! Ancient mythology  would narrate  Agni Pariksha , a litmus  test to prove one’s love …

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