#Insta Foodie :) On Fleek !

Nothing heals a broken heart like yummy food and eating an eclectic plate each day wont hurt either :0 Would it?  As a calorie-conscious-cook all my recipes tend to take the healthy route; but that doesn’t mean I end up eating salads or boiled beans (Nahhh!). This blog is about stepping outside our safe culinary zone and prepping dishes we always order at our favorite eateries but don’t attempt at home for various reasons. If you all like the thought, sound or look of any of the dishes I would love to share the recipes 🙂

  1. Pineapple Fried Rice My ❤ for pineapples has been longer than I can ever remember. Tangy, chewy and the refreshing aroma of fresh cut pineapple can cheer me any day! My favorite Thai dish till date is the spicy pineapple fried rice. With freshly cut onions, cubed carrots, curry powder, and peas its colorful and satiating!


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  2. Cabbage Koftas When you bring  home a large cabbage and watch it in your fridge every time you open it… my hands automatically itch to prepare  koftas (crispy vegetable balls). Cabbage (bandgobi) koftas in tomato gravy spiced with aromatic cloves, mint, and cinnamon. It tastes heavenly with jeera rice, rotis or naans. Koftas can be made from pretty much any vegetable but bandgobi koftas hold a special place on my tongue 😛 
  3. Persimmon Pudding  Come Spring time you see persimmon in all fruit aisles. I bought several boxes of  persimmon @Costco last Spring! I always feel they are a hybrid of mangoes and oranges.  If it was upto me to name them I would call them ‘manorama’.  Anyways, I baked this yummy pudding  from ripe persimmons and chia seeds and it tasted heavenly with a side of cold creamy ice-cream after a hot day in the sun.

    Persimmon Pudding 🙂 #homemade #yummy #rrladle

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  4. Vegetarian Manchurian Balls  Indo-Chinese food is an all time favorite and I order it without an iota of thinking.  Eating sizzling hot Manchurian balls along side hakka noodles transports you to Shangri La -where life meets perfection! As a connoisseur of Manchurian since I ate them the very first time I have always wondered what went into making them? I always used to put off the thought of trying them at home thinking it would require truckload of ingredients! Turns out we can achieve some what the same perfection at home with no MSG and low sodium soy sauce.  
  5. Steamed Rava Idlis with Peanut Chutney Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the thought of cooking or eating especially on weekends; my instant yummy and healthy option is to whip up rava idlis. It takes 10 mins to prepare the batter and 12 mins to cook. While the idlis are blowing off steam I prepare the spicy peanut chutney to complement the harmless and fluffy idlis
  6. Palak Pooris and Dahi Aloo I made this dish on the eve of Shivratri having eaten it at various road side shacks in northern India, where it is  very popular. Shallow fried pooris made from pureed spinach with side of aloo sauted in yogurt gravy is a delicacy after a long day of fasting. Following the same procedure beet root pooris (light pink in color) or carrot pooris (orange in color) can be prepared.
  7. Choco Lava Cake  Oozing chocolate with every bite.. warm, gooey and rich in flavor. Can anyone say no to this pure bliss? The only items I needed to buy to try this was a set of ramekin bowls and a bag of semi-sweet baking chocolate. Blend in all the ingredients and bake just until the chocolate is ready to melt in mouth. The confluence of vanilla ice cream and hot lava is devilish!
  8. Foccacia Bread(pronounced Pho-Ka-Cha not Focasia ) is an Italian delight. Its a type of savory bread with lot of veggies or protein and is generously topped with cheese and herbs (oregano, rosemary, thyme, and basil). Olive oil drizzle on the top makes it irresistible. It can be eaten any time of the day as a snack, appetizer or during mood swings (Lol). Much less calories and grease than a pizza!

    Focaccia Bread 🙂 💕

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  9. Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes These cupcakes are made from the most pedestrian of ingredients. Baking them made me wonder if using these ingredients would result in such fluffy cakes sans the conventional items. I put together all the non-rich ingredients like wheat flour instead of refined flour, olive oil in place of butter, chia seeds in place of eggs and used vanilla yogurt in place of sugar and the results took me by surprise!








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