I, Me, Myself

Hello Beautiful People 🙂

I am Ranjani Ravi, Libra by sun sign  but nothing close to being a balanced person. I find myself always in doubt, re-running a lot of things in my head and always trying to find my true calling. But believe me one thing I knew I always wanted to do was to pen my thoughts!

I loved stories as a child, and my grandma was a great teller of tales. But, grandma was not around always, and I decided to spin my own tales. As a self-proclaimed raconteur, I would imagine my own fables and bring my characters to life, all in my head as a kid.

Well, time passed by, and life happened.

One thing I always have had is an OPINION on people, things, clothes, seasons, places and so on.

Born in Chandigarh (most well planned city! but did not have any effect on me 😝) and raised in Dehradun. Lived in Chennai, Assam, Coimbatore, and Mumbai (still my home). Came to USA to fulfill something more than just the American dream… my dream… to be a passionate Environmental Engineer. I currently reside in the evergreen state of WASHINGTON.

As a firm believer of “Passion meets Purpose” I have always tried to direct my blogs to provide something more than just a story! Born and raised in a Punjabi-Tam-Brahm household (not bringing up the 2 states reference anymore)… I have learnt a lot from my forerunners and want to share it with you all.

Why should you read this blog? Well it’s a mixed bag of goodies…

  • If you like the confluence of North meets South or East meets West I am sure you will enjoy my satiric references.


  • If you enjoy a tad bit of culture (How to make Gatte ki Sabzi ??) and a tad bit of fashion (where to buy nice spring dress?)
  • My tatha (grandpa) at young age of 93 practices yoga *touchwood* and I do my fair bit too. So, if you want to learn how I squeeze in yoga into my current day plan or practise Yoga-Nidra (guided meditation) after a long day with annoying boss. This blog is for you.
  • I loveee food and relish trying new recipes (especially the age-old recipes) like authentic mor kozhambu, keerai kootu, paalak poori, hot-yummy-idlis, bandgobi koftas, vela aapam, mooli paratha. If you love eating as much as trying new dishes! Read on.
  • Finally, like any other woman on this planet I love drama and here we have Oooodles of it.

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